Sponsoring organizations

Franklin District of LMC

4856 Molly Pitcher Hwy, Chambersburg, PA 17202
717 375-4544

Lancaster Mennonite Conference (LMC)

2160 Lincoln Hwy E #5, Lancaster, PA 17602
717 293-5246

Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM)

53 W Brandt Blvd, Salunga, PA 17538
717 898-2251

Steering Committee

  • Allen Lehman, Member
  • Brinton Rutherford, Member
  • Gerry Keener, Member

The Steering Committee provides oversight for Missional Pathways. It is composed of one delegated representative from each sponsoring organization with the possibility for members at large. Steering Committee members:

  • Design and oversee Missional Pathways; modify process as needed
  • Review Missional Pathways activity to observe trends and gain information
  • Oversee facilitator appointments and activity
  • Create Missional Pathways annual report


Jimm Derksen – personnel placement coach at Eastern Mennonite Missions

Sherrie Ober – personnel placement coach and missionary support team coach for short-term assignments at Eastern Mennonite Missions

Brinton Rutherford – resource staff for Lancaster Mennonite Conference

Dennis Stutzman – pastor at Cedar Grove Mennonite Church, facilitator in the Franklin District of LMC

Facilitators possess mission experience, discernment gifts, and networking skills to help match Missional Pathways users with resources that bring missional dreams to life.


  • Review all user applications and work collaboratively to discern solutions
  • Act as a bridge to link Missional Pathways users with resources
  • Create processes for users and resources to begin and develop a partnership
  • Keep in touch with users as they continue in their partnership with the resource person
  • Develop/maintain a database of resources willing to partner with Missional Pathways users

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