What kinds of “pathways” does Missional Pathways provide?

team work handsWhatever your missional questions and needs, Missional Pathways wants to resource and connect you. Take a look at the following list to get a sense of what Missional Pathways helps to provide. Missional Pathways does not provide these skills directly. It provides connections, or “pathways,” to the resources you need to put “legs” on your missional dreams.

Pathways of discernment
  • Enabling churches to develop vision and ministry goals
  • Discernment of individuals’ call to missions and readiness for an assignment
Pathways of connection
  • Help with identifying the right mission opportunity, locally or globally
  • Facilitating local and global connections
  • Introducing potential partners in ministry
Pathways of training
  • Resources and information to build missional goals/strategies
  • Help with choosing a mission and/or discipleship training program
Pathways of culture
  • Links to cross-cultural missions training
  • Experienced cross-cultural workers to serve as ministry mentors
  • Education and/or experience in cross-cultural communication skills
Pathways of practical knowledge
  • Help with IRS requirements in financial receipting and accounting matters
  • Knowledge of employment and legal issues
  • Experience in communications and fundraising
  • Finding a framework for organizing missionary support teams
  • Abilities in screening of personnel
Pathways of engagement
  • Guidance in church multiplication
  • Forming missional communities
  • Help finding any specific ministry (e.g. prison ministry, after-school program, etc.)
Pathways of evaluation
  • Assessment of mission
  • Assessment of ministry effectiveness
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