How does the Missional Pathways process work?Walking through city

Have a great idea for a new way to reach out? Is missions tugging at your heart, but you aren’t sure how to begin? Whether you are sensing an impulse, ready for an adventure, or active in a venture, Missional Pathways aims to connect you with voices of experience, sources of help, and people who share your heartbeat.

  1. Speak to your pastor. Missional Pathways aims to support mission work through the church, not to replace it. Before consulting with Missional Pathways, work with your pastor to discern whether your missional impulse can be fulfilled through your church or a related organization.
  2. Apply. Complete the Missional Pathways request form. It asks for contact details and a brief description of your situation and missional desires.
  3. Work with facilitators. A Missional Pathways facilitator team will help you discern the best way to fulfill your request. This will include identifying your core need, making a tentative assessment of the solution, and analyzing a database of partner resources.
  4. Matching your request with a resource. The facilitator team will identify a missional practitioner or someone within an experienced congregation, organization, training program, etc. who can support or teach you on your missional venture. If the resource person agrees that he or she is a good fit, the facilitator team will connect you with him or her.
  5. Establishing a process. A facilitator will suggest a process for working with your resource person. You can now start your missional partnership with them.
  6. Report and evaluate. Both the resource person and the user send effectiveness reports to a facilitator. The facilitator keeps in touch to check on the missional effectiveness of the partnership. Suggestions for improvement are made.
  7. Mission accomplished! An effective partnership is established. As you go down your own path in missions, consider whether you can serve as a resource person for future Missional Pathways users.


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